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Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women

Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women | Large Size with Pouch|Ultra Soft, Odour and Rash Free|100% Medical Grade Silicone |No Leakage | Protection for Up to 8-10 Hours

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  • VARIABLE SIZING: Menstrual Cups come in 3 different sizes. This pack contains one LARGE size menstrual cup ideal for those 35 years of age and above, with heavier than usual flow and have given birth.
  • SAFE TO USE: Menstrual Cups are made using medical-grade silicone. This is a biocompatible, toxin-free, odourless and hypoallergenic material which can be inserted into the vaginal canal to collect menstrual fluid. All our products are made in an FDA-Approved facility and are Latex-free and BPA-free.
  • ODOUR & RASH FREE: This Menstrual Cups is made of ultra-soft medical grade silicone which is gentle on skin. Due to this, it enables a rash-free, odour-free and itch-free period protection.
  • LEAK PROOF: The flexible rim of the menstrual cup creates a vacuum seal that ensures there are no leakages or spills, regardless of how much you move. You can use the menstrual cup for period protection even when you swim, dance, play sports or travel!
  • ECONOMICAL: A single Menstrual Cup can be used for 8 hours at a stretch and lasts for up to 10 years (though, it is recommended to replace your menstrual cup once every 3-5 years), making it the most pocket-friendly option for managing periods.
  • REUSABLE & ECO FRIENDLY:  Menstrual Cups are reusable and thus, do not create toxic sanitary waste like pads and tampons.  Menstrual Cups are designed for long-term usage averaging a 5-year life span to ensure you are doing your bit for the environment.

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