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LED Flashlight Earpick for Ear wax remover (pack of 2)

LED Flashlight Earpick for Ear wax remover and cleaner, Ear cleaning tools for kids and adults (Pack of-2, Multicolor)

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  • Flashlight for seeing the earhole clearly,ACCURACY: Do you feel uncomfortable picking earwax for your children or a family member because it's hard to see? We have a solution for you! Illuminate the hard to see dark areas with the built-in LED lights. Bright lighting will help you with better accuracy and precision.
  • Also can be used as a flashlight when needed,Each ear pick tool has a built in LED flashlight to see into the ear clearly. Could also as a convenient flashlight when not in use.
  • LED Light for a clear vision, convenient to use and ,Each tool comes with 3 end piece attachments: 2 earpick tips and 1 tweezer tip. Allow you to get to bothersome earwax deep in the ear. Batteries are you a lot.
  • Plastic ear-pick heads, strong but flexible, not easy,,LED earwax removal provide flashlight to see the ear-hole clearly, great for your kids orlover or your friends to clean ears, enjoy the time with your family to be broken, safe to your ears.
  • Flashlight ear pick this earpick with one led flashlight helps to clean ear easily and convenientlProvides a safe and easier way to clean your families ears and remove ear wax!Cute style for babies and kids, safe and reliable earpicks for household and travel use.

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